What can I expect when I join a Challenge?
A program of exercise, lifestyle habits and nutrition to support any fitness level. Daily emails to keep you motivated. An electronic Scorecard that keeps you accountable. A community of like-minded folks from around the world all working toward a more healthy lifestyle. Fun!

What will I have to do?
The specific Opportunities to score points change with each Challenge. However, you can be sure that strength training, stretching, eating right and flossing your teeth will probably all appear.

What if I can't do all of the activities in the Challenge?
At Taylored Fitness we believe that everyone can benefit from exercise and eating right. All of the Opportunities can be modified to fit any fitness level, nutritional need, or lifestyle challenges. We are always available via email to be sure a specific Opportunity works for you.

I don't belong to a gym. How will I do the exercises?
No equipment necessary! All of the activities in most Challenges can be completed at home, in the office, or on the go. 

What can I win?
There are three ways to win. Earn the most points in a given Challenge and we'll send you a prize. Turn in all 28 Scorecards in a Challenge and we'll reward you for that. Keep playing, and your points accumulate so you can choose from our list of favorite prizes including custom sterling silver jewelry by MoSilver.

I don't need to lose weight. What's in it for me?
All kinds of people play our Challenges for all kinds of reasons.  Training for a 10k, weight loss, disease prevention, cardiovascular health, camaraderie, motivation and fun are all at the top of the list.

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