Because everybody needs a crew.

Are you ready to take the Challenge. 6 times a year, for 28 days, I will guide you through a new set of dynamic Opportunities to rehearse skills and establish habits that will stimulate and elevate your wellness journey. You will be inspired by daily morning messages, a simple checklist of Opportunities, efficient strength and mobility training and a community of like-minded folks ready to lift you up and learn from you as we fortify each other along the wellness path. Every Opportunity can be modified to meet your body and lifestyle needs.

New to wellness, managing an injury, have emerging goals, or just want a little more customization? Choose the personalized Be Strong option along with your Challenge and I'll create a simple, feasible program you can implement on even the busiest of days based on the answers to just a few questions on my copyrighted Survey designed to get to the bottom of your wellness 'why.'

Click the yellow banner to see an example of our private Challenge website. Or, if you are ready to join us on Monday, fill out the form and if you aren't redirected to complete payment, you'll get a follow up email and you can take care of that there. 

And please don't hesitate to reach out reach out to me so we can talk about your wellness journey and how our vibrant community can support you.

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