I do. And, so do you.

In business, education and in wellness, the mentor relationship is key to success. Time and other resources spent developing strong mentor relationships has one of the highest return on investments of any in both worlds. Why should your investment in your health, your most valuable asset, be any different? 

It isn't.

In today's world of information overload, someone who can guide you is key to effective navigation toward your wellness goals. Throughout my education and professional life I have sought out people with advanced knowledge and experience in my field who were willing to give me direction and hold me accountable for my own development. Today, I spend a great deal of time and energy on maintaining these relationships so that I can continue to grow and share this thriving with my fitness family. 

You have the motivation to do the work and are ready to make the commitment. In this exclusive mentor setting with me, you will have the personalized goal-setting, program development and accountability you need to achieve the results you desire. This program is not for everyone! If you aren't sure you are ready to make the commitment, let me know. I offer several other ways to get you started on your wellness journey. 

My commitment to you:
First and foremost, I will know you. Know your goals, challenges, history and lifestyle so I can design a program that will work for you and you alone. With a Complete Coaching Commitment you get: 
    *Daily email reminders including program activities 
    *Educational material and motivation
    *Weekly workouts tailored to your goals, fitness level and equipment available built on our simple, clear platform. See an example here.
    *Video 'spotting' so I can be sure you are getting the most out of every move you make and 
    *Complete review of your nutritional habits so we can be sure you are doing everything possible to fuel yourself well
    *Accountability galore with our exclusive interactive Journal system

What I expect from you:
Expectations are high. While the program is designed to fit into your busy schedule, regular contact with me and other members of your accountability crew are imperative. You will have daily check-ins using my exclusive, private online form. I want to know if you worked out, how it went, what you struggled with and what you rocked. I expect weekly video submissions so I can be sure you are performing each exercise safely and know when you are ready to progress. You will also be responsible for maintaining a food intake log for at least the first seven days of the program. The complete mentoring program includes membership in our closed Challenge group for that month where I hope you will share your wellness journey with the group. Expectations may also vary depending you your goals and lifestyle. 

Time Commitment: 20 - 60 minutes per day
Length - 28 days*
Investment: $470 

Ready? Choose the Complete Wellness Mentoring option below and let's get to work. Not sure this is exactly what you need? Let's talk! 

*10-Day Transformation, 40-Day Metabolic Reset and 12-Week Private Mentorship are available on a limited basis. Please email me for details and to receive an application for these programs. 
*Please note that both the Transformation and Rest programs require additional product purchase