Fit to Serve

You have important work to do. We can help you get and stay fit so that you can keep on serving the folks in your community that depend on you!

Fit to Serve Challenges are a unique and engaging way to engage your community while rewarding your employees, students, friends and families for practicing fit lifestyle habits.

You can even combine one with a FitFundraising Challenge to raise money for your organization.

What kind of organizations can use a Fit to Serve Challenge?
Elected officials, service clubs, church groups and professional associations just to name a few.

Want to hear more about how a Challenge works?
Check out our FitForever Challenge page to learn more about the rules of the game.
We'd love to hear from you.
We'd love to come and get your group ready for a great day of meetings at your conference or event! We can also get your crew inspired to lead your organization toward wellness. 
Ask about having Erika come to speak to your folks!