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Surprise Opportunities

1. Life is a song.
Every few Challenges we ask this because we can't keep up with all the new music out there without you! <br>
What song rocks your workout? What tune settles your spirit? What music is the song that makes your life more fun to sing?<br>
Share it on our Facebook page
or email us by midnight Sunday so we can share it. 
300 points

2. Life is a game. 
US News and World Report  says physical play delays mental decline in old age. We love that. Let's make time for play this weekend. Play hide and seek, play catch, even wathching a kids soccer game will get your heart rate up. 
Raining where you are? Play charades! Even if its Solitaire, your brain will thank you and you will earn these points if you fit in 20 minutes of play by Sunday at midnight.
300 points

3. Life is a challenge.
Meet the needs life puts on your body everyday with a strong core. 
New to core training, nursing an injury, or feeling like a beginner for any reason do this 2X by Sunday.
Got this core training thing down? do this one 2X by Sunday.
As always, please let us know if you need modification of any kind. 
400 points