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Barefoot Provisions - Food for the Modern Primal Foodie
Why we love them:
Delicious, healthy, portable food my kids will eat and I feel good about sharing. 
Fantastic whole food ingredients for baking and cooking.
Chocolate that doesn't break my sugar barrier.
Excellent customer service.

Them on them:
Welcome to Barefoot Provisions. Whether you’re here for diet, health and wellness, "fitness, peak performance, or simply to live more connected with the natural world, we strive to be your trusted source for consciously curated foodstuffs and lifestyle essentials, as well as information, education, encouragement, and community." -from their website © 2014, Barefoot Provisions, LLC.

My favorite stuff:
The 'Kid Friendly' curated list. Click here to check it out. Perfect for a backpack, gym bag, glove compartment or purse. Yum!!!

Shine Integrated Therapy - Betsy Clark; LCSW, Certified Weight Loss Specialist
Why we love her:
Betsy is highly skilled and passionate about connecting with people and supporting them as they take steps to create positive change. Her dedication to improving quality of life with her clients is unwavering.

What she does:
Coaching for diet and lifestyle change including increasing physical activity, weight loss and maintenance, improving healthy eating behaviors to reduce the risk of chronic diseases and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for depression, anxiety, stress, and disordered eating.

Special for our fitness family:
Taylored Fitness clients will receive a $25 discount on a 6 week coaching package or first therapy session.

 - Monica Stocker
Why we love her:
Monica lives and works in Denver, Colorado. She's passionate about helping the homeless and using the profits of MoSilver to benefit other local and worldwide charities as well.

What she does:
Mo makes keepsakes for a lifetime. Handcrafted from s​terling, copper, & gold. Much of her profits go to local and worldwide charities including Malaria No More,Ten Thousand Nets and World Vision.

Monica has been studying metalsmithing and creating jewelry for about 20 years. She works with her clients to design meaningful custom pieces and also creates delicate and whimsical jewelry of her own. All of her pieces are handmade from .925 sterling silver, copper, or 14k gold.

Special for our fitness family:
Gather enough points over a number of Challenges with us and you will earn not only wonderful fitness results but a one of a kind custom Why Bracelet by Mo like this one that Erika wears every day:
You can also contact Monica directly through her website by clicking her logo to see what she might create for you or someone you love.