Our players did this for points this month. 
You can do it just for fun. 
Be sure and hum along as you go. 
If you need a little more direction,
you can check out the video playlist. 

Only takes a few minutes 
and works your whole body. 

Merry Christmas!

What is a Challenge?
If you like this you'll love our Resolution Challenge 
starting Monday January 5th! 

"On the 12th day of Fit-Mas my trainer gave to me; 
12 drummers drumming: drum to the last verse of 12 Days of Christmas
11 toes a reaching: 2 sets of 11 toe reaches
10 legs a leaping: 10 leaping plie squats
90 seconds dancing: dance for 90 seconds
8 arms a curling: 2 sets of 8 slow bicep curls
7 swimmers swimming: 7 sets of 3 swimmers
6-crunches laying: 6 sets of 6-way-crunches
5 bi-ig breaths: 5 slow, deep breaths
4 burning quads: 20 squats
3 tricep dips: 30 tricep dips
2 rounds of lunging: 20 alternating lunges
and a plank by the holiday tree.": 3 minutes of plank 

12 Days of Fit-Mas

Check out the video playlist here. Enjoy!