Personal Training

Your goals will guide the specifics of your personal training program so we will include the necessary elements of weight training, cardiovascular training, core training, balance training and stretching as needed to most effectively and quickly reach your specific goals.

Your training and workouts will be scaled for where you are now and we will ramp up as your body and your mind are ready.
Still not sure you're ready to make this investment in yourself? 10 more reasons you should hire a personal trainer

So that I can give the most personal attention possible, I only take a very few clients each month. Contact me to see if there are currently any openings. In-person and remote sessions available.


Single 30 minute $45
Single 60 minute $75

Bulk* 30 minute
6 $256
12 $486
24 $918
36 $1296

Bulk* 60 minute
6 $427
12 $810
24 $1530
36 $2160

*price reflects progressive % off single purchases (6-5%,12-10% 24-15%, 36-20%)