Personal Training

Are you ready for a Personal Trainer? 

I will push you harder than you will push yourself and keep you from rushing ahead too quickly.

If you are like me, on your own, you work out until you feel uncomfortable, and then you modify the movement or stop altogether. A good trainer knows how to push you beyond your comfort zone and when to stop before pain or injury becomes an issue.

Expert trainers know alternative exercises if you have difficulty with one or if you have an injury to work around. A good trainer will expertly shape each exercise for your body, your experience level and to help you meet your individual goals.

Your time is valuable. A personal trainer can design a program that will efficiently get to to wherever YOU want to go. Your goals will guide the specifics of your personal training program; including the necessary elements of weight training, cardiovascular training, core training, balance training and stretching as needed to most effectively and quickly reach your specific goals.

Your training and workouts will be scaled for where you are now and we will ramp up as your body and your mind are ready. And, we can work at your gym, in your home/office or any location of your choosing (assuming permission from the owner of a private location.)

Still wonder if you're ready to make this investment in yourself?
10 more reasons you should hire a personal trainer

I am passionate about giving each of my clients the most personal attention possible. Most of my clients choose to work out together multiple times each week, so I only take a very few clients each month. Contact me to see if there are currently any openings. In-person and remote sessions are available.

One on one* rates  - 20 minutes roundtrip travel time included:

Initial Assessment (45 minutes)                                  $80
Single 30 minute
Single 60 minute $125

Bulk 30 minute
6 $427
12 $810
24 $1530

Bulk 60 minute
6 $712
12 $1350
24 $2550
36 $3600

*Additional person may be added to single and bulk sessions at 50% of the regular investment. If training as a team (both individuals doing the same program) discount may be increased after consultation and assessment.

Small group pricing is available upon request dependent on make up of of the group. Considerations that may affect price include relative experience, goals, levels, ages and needs of the group. Call me to see what I can build for your crew! 303.908.6658 or shoot me an email: