Welcome to our Road Trip Fitness Challenge!
We are so glad you decided to join us. 
You'll be getting details by e-mail later this week. 


One of your Opportunities to earn points on this trip will be up to you to decide. 

No one knows your goals like you do! 
Think about your SMARTest one. (What's a SMART goal? Check this out!)
Now think about one behavior you think will move you toward that goal that you can work on this month.

Here are a few hints:
Make it simple. Check out these examples.
Have a cue.
A cue is a  behavior you already do that will remind you to practice your new habit; "after i get up" - which you already do, "I will walk the dog" - new behavior. 
Be ready to reward yourself every time
Soon, the behavior and moving toward your goal will be reward enough, but while you are practicing the new behavior it is important to give yourself a little extra 'high-five' right after you do your new 'thing'. Saying "Nice work!" out loud. Clap a couple of times. Do a little dance. Even literally pat yourself on the back. Any of those or one of your own choosing will help you get that internal reward you need to make the behavior stick.

Let us know if you need help thinking of habits, cues or rewards.