Spring- In your words

We love to hear from you! Whether it's a question, a comment, the answer to an Opportunity or just what you had for dinner
. Your words can guide, inspire and motivate not only the other players but us too. Thank you for sharing them.

"What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?"

"Life is like a ten-speed bicycle. Most of us have gears we never use."
-Charles Schulz

My inspiration these days is a Ted Talk by Eleanor Longden titled Isit possible to learn to live with the voices in your head. To make a long story short she befriended the voices and looked at them as allies. I think this is inspiring because she turned a real negative into a positive.

"Everyone dies, not everyone truly lives" -Unknown

My inspiration. Want to be happy? Be grateful.
Ted Talk, Brotther David Steindl-Rast

YouTube Video

I have index cards taped in various places around my house and car: My blood pressure is lower at xxx. My spouse thinks I'm HOT at xxx. My skinny clothes fit me at xxx. My kids are proud of me at xxx. I have more energy at xxx. Each time I pass one I say it to myself. It keeps the "why" in front of me several times a day!

Fun day of skiing in Park City Utah!

"The variety of opinions being aired can be seen as helpful. But it also enables people to barricade themselves behind sources of information which only confirm their own wishes and ideas, or political and economic interests. The world of communications can help us either to expand our knowledge or to lose our bearings. " 
-Pope Francis

"Since my house burned down, I now ave a view of the rising moon." -Unknown

Sonia Sotomayor talking about the challenge of working mothers - "It's a compromise. It's a balance. It's figuring out what's the most important thing you have to give at that moment and to what." - It reminds me that sometimes it is important to give full attention to myself as well!


There is an app on the iPhone that is called "7minute workout challenge" and it currently is free. It's a fun app that helps you do a short, intensive mini-workout. Check it out. I have used it 3 days now and I like it so far.

My inspiration is Bashira on my PINK method DVDs. She is in great shape and always says, "when you show up, show out".

"(Another Challenger) inspires me. She is one of the most positive persons I have every known and it has been a joy working with her for over 26 years. She gets me out of a slump when I am feeling negative. She came in singing last week to all of us and made us laugh. She has been a wonderful example to many people as she preservers, working and moving whether she feels good or not. I could go on and on about the qualities and inspiration that she has given me."