surprise week 3

These points are available on your Scorecard starting today and until Sunday. October 19th at midnight.


1. HIIT it fast!
It is fun to go fast. And it is good for you!
Sprinting increases your metabolic response, increases your ability to gain lean muscle mass, and gives you all the benefits of high intensity interval training.
Is it right for everyone? Of course not. Deconditiong, injury, lack of motility and other factors make sprinting (running) a poor choice for many folks.
But, even if you aren't ready to run 40 yards in 4 seconds, everyone can find a way to go fast.
Swimming can get you speed with out impact and so can biking. Fast walking will get your heart rate up in a jiffy to.
Whatever 'fast' means to you that is what we want for these points.
Warm up and then 'sprint'* for 10 seconds. Rest for 30 second. Repeat 5X.
Do this twice by Sunday to get these points
400 points

2. Be Strong(er)
Let's be sure we are hitting all our muscles, even the ones we tend to ignore when we work out without weights.
We skipped the push-ups and plank this week in Be Strong so we could focus on some different muscles in your arms and back for your Surprise Opportunities.
Do this workout for your arms
this one for your back and abs
at least twice in the next 4 days and get these points. <br>
400 points

3. Don't Fall.
As much as we love Fall the season, we are not fans of the kind of fall that means landing hard and getting hurt.
Balance is key in fall prevention so let's practice.
First, stand on one foot. Practice pressing equally through both sides of your heel, both sides of the foot pad behind your toes and all five toes.
Then close your eyes.
This is one of those exercises we are fond of saying is about the struggle to try and do it than it is about being able to do it.
Try for one minute on each foot at least 2 days to get these points.
200 points

*for a good test of your readiness to sprint and info on how to get ready if you aren't and want to be, check out this article from Fitocracy