Next Challenge Starts Monday, September 23rd!

28 days of accountability, exercise, eating, and fun. 
Shed pounds and practice fit lifestyle habits to assure those pounds stay shed. 
Join the Weight Loss Crew and join a community of folks with goals just like yours in our private online forum where you can share struggles and successes as you play.
Complete activities. Earn Points. Win Prizes. 

Get Results.

Everybody knows the secret to losing weight is "Eat less, exercise more." It's simple, right? 
Simple, but not easy.
Exercise makes us hungry. Hungry makes eat more. 
So we run, starve, eat a box of cookies, beat ourselves up, run harder the next day, pull a hammy, and quit. 
Or, the whole thing sounds so abhorrent we never start at all. 
There is a better way! 
Join the Weight Loss Crew and get the insight and support you need. 
Efficient and effective strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular exercise
Simple nutrition guidance 
Loads and loads of accountability
all disguised as a fun and motivating game.

Join for just $35 for 28-days 
discounts available for current Challengers, first time Challengers and multi-month purchase.

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