We LOVE to hearing from our players! Here is what some of them have to say about their "Why". 

I'm reminded how that accountability is the most motivating thing.

I want to exercise now!

I am feeling strong and my moods are so much better. Working out is starting to feel like less of a chore and more fun.

Today's win: When I realized I went over my limit, I did not eat the rest of my son's French fries. :-)

My "why": 
I want to be healthier. 

"Why" ~ I want to lose 10 lbs before my 45th birthday!

My biggest why is my kids!! 
I want to be healthy for them and me and to set a good example for my littles :) 

Doing more of the Be Strong exercises each day ~ getting easier too.  

Know why i don't give up? This is why:

Arthur's Story

1 week done and I'm beginning to rub off on (my husband). I got him to do the HIIT workout with me tonight as well as the strength building exercises.

Definitely a feel-good challenge.

It's fun to think of ways to incorporate getting the move time in with the kids. I feel like I'm usually trying to find time to get away for a workout. But more and more they can come along and keep up. And when they get too tired it just becomes like a cross fit training exercise, where you are carrying an extra 50 lbs on your back. People pay money to do that!

I've worked hard and I did GOOD, I have muscles and my clothes fit smoothly and my muffin top is basically gone.

Finding time to exercise is getting easier and I am doing more reps each day. Lost a pound so far!!

I am doing this challenge to be more accountable to myself, to work on eating healthy, to get in shape, and yes, lose some weight! 

The best thing I learned in my Challenge was to do this routine when I need a break in my day:

11 minute upper body stretch

The stretch routine video really helped me ground my energy and re-focus to get through the rest of the day.

I got my husband involved by swapping between children, so we both worked out together and it involved the WHOLE family -it was fun.  

Had a great exercise day!  Challenged my body to do some exercises I didn't think I could do. 

Walked with (a fellow Challenger)  while our kids played tennis.  She inspired me to do our strength training AND stretches too!  Yay for fellow challengers!

Another day of feeling disciplined.

When I think about snacking I decide to have some H2O and do a few mountain climbers and then I don't want to snack. I have quit the late night snacking all together ~ not so sluggish in the morning.

17 push-ups! Surprised myself. 

Worked out with my little brother using the picnic table and some fallen logs. Equipment is overrated!

Thanks for the challenge!